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  • Is Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 free?

    No, this program is not a free one. It can be purchased from the Microsoft website, standalone, for the price of $129.99. It can, also, be included as part of a Microsoft Office package, which includes PowerPoint and other Microsoft programs (such as Word), for a subscription fee of as low as $7 per month.

  • Can Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 open Keynote files?

    No, this program cannot open Keynote files as Keynote is an Apple-only product. However, there is a workaround. If the user were to open their Keynote presentation and then export the file to PowerPoint (by changing the file type to .ppt), it will then open in PowerPoint.

  • Can slides be changed to portrait?

    Whilst slides are automatically set up as landscape, they can be modified to a portrait view. This can be done by opening PowerPoint 2016, selecting the 'view' tab, then click 'normal'. From there, click 'design' and then 'slide size' and then open 'custom slide size'. In the dialog box, select 'portrait'.

  • Can Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 play MP4 files?

    Yes, the program will be able to play MP4 files if the Quicktime Player is installed on the user's computer, or if the MP4 file is converted to a '.WMV' file.

  • Can Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 read text aloud?

    Yes, the program is able to read text aloud, as are its sister titles, Word 2016 and Outlook 2016. This is done through the 'text-to-speech' feature which is available through the 'commands' button.

  • What slide size is used in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016?

    The default slide size used in this software is 16:9 widescreen ratio. However, this can be changed to a variety of different options through the 'slide size' tab.

  • Does Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 use PDF Files?

    The default option for PowerPoint when saving a presentation is the '.ppt' file type. This can be modified to PDF by clicking 'file' and then clicking 'export'. The user should then select the 'create PDF/XPS document' option, and then 'publish as PDF'.

  • Is there a free way to view presentations?

    Yes, presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 can be viewed in the free PowerPoint viewer software. This allows the user to review any aspect of a presentation, but they will not be able to modify its content. Please note, however, that PowerPoint viewer is being retired from use in April 2018.

  • What's new in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016?

    This version of PowerPoint has an all-new design feature, which means the user is provided with a series of design options to boost visual impact. Furthermore, there are a range of interface and security tweaks. And files are automatically saved in the cloud.

  • What platforms is Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 available for?

    This software can be used on the last three versions of Windows - 10, 8.1 and 7, provided the user has either subscribed to Microsoft Office, or bought the product as a standalone.

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